XGD-W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector

XGD-W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector
XGD-W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector
Product Description


With a precise understanding of the relevant industry, we introduce ourselves as the leading name engaged in offering of XGD-W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector. This dust collector is widely used in the treatment of industrial furnace cell waste pollution. In addition to this, these products are appreciated for its reliability, excellent working and strong structuring. Moreover, the offered dust collector is available at market leading rates. Our quality controllers test this XGD-W Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector on well-defined parameters in adherence to set industry standards.


XGD/W type Efficient Ceramic Multi-Pipe Dust Collector is a new product jointly developed by Hebei Ou Tai Environmental Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. and Tangshan Steel Design Institute. It has passed the technical appraisal of the State Environmental Protection Administration and the Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Commission, cooperated with the Design Institute of Hebei Metallurgical Design Institute, Shougang, Anshan Iron and Steel, and Jinan Iron and Steel to open up a new path for ceramic multi-tube dust collectors. This product is widely used for the treatment of industrial furnace cell waste pollution. The treated air pollutants reach GB9807-1996 "Emission Standard for Air Pollutants in Industrial Furnaces".


Structural features:
It mainly consists of equipment housing, net gas room, dust removal room, air inlet, outlet, ash hopper, and ash discharge port.

There is a combination of the upper plate, lower plate, and cyclone to make according to the different parameters such as air volume, air pressure, and dust particle weight.

Dust-laden gas enters the dust chamber through the air inlet and then enters each cyclone. Under the action of the guide, the exhaust gas entering the cyclone is separated by the centrifugal force and falls directly into the ash hopper. The purified gas then enters the purging chamber upwards in the outlet core tube and is discharged from the outlet.



  • The main components are a cyclone, guider, and gas outlet pipe that are made of ceramics and other materials. They are not deformed or broken under the high temperature of up to 700°C and low-temperature difference.
  • The surface of ceramic cyclone and guide are smooth, non-stick ash, non-blocking, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, and the service life is of 6 to 8 years.
  • Its investment is 1/2 of the electric dust collector, low maintenance cost, and the service life is more than three times that of other dust collectors.
  • High efficiency, low resistance, dust removal efficiency is up to 95%, resistance 800pa, secondary dust removal efficiency is up to 98%, resistance is 1200pa.
  • It shows its efficiency in the treatment of the special flue gas with high corrosiveness and high temperature and heat energy recovery. The operation is simple, convenient to maintain, operational cost is low, no cooling measures are taken, saves water, and the cost of the heat recovery is greatly reduced.


Application scope

  • Applicable to various types of coal-fired heating furnace, coal-fired boilers of the civil power plant, and industrial boiler flue gas treatment, etc.
  • Applicable to the dust treatment and recovery of mines, sintering machines, pellets, rotary kiln, shaft furnace, refractory, steel-making, steel rolling and other working conditions in various steel industries.
  • Suitable for cement rotary kiln, dryer, and various other smelting dust treatment and recovery.
  • Applicable to the treatment of high-temperature gas dust in blast furnace and converter coke dry quenching, and improves the heat recovery rate. Takes less water and eliminates sewage treatment to prevent the danger of explosion during gas recovery
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