Venturi Tube

Venturi Tube
Venturi Tube
Product Description


Venturi tube is a short pipe with a constricted inner surface and is used to measure fluid flows and as a pump. Its principle is that when the wind blows over the barrier, the air pressure near the port above the leeward surface of the barrier is relatively low; thereby generate adsorption and causing the air to flow.


This principle is very simple, as it is to make the air to flow from coarse to fine, in order to accelerate the gas flow rate, so that the gas in the Venturi tube at the back of forms a "vacuum" zone. This venturi tube can use air flow to achieve powder delivery and is mainly used for its ejector effect in vacuum cleaners, powder conveyors, coolers, flow meters, dryers, and so on.


Iron Venturi tube is generally used for dust removal on the framework, filter cartridge, which generally uses 1 mm thick steel plate made by single stretch, its characteristics are smooth and beautiful appearance, stable and reliable quality, effective to improve the efficiency and filter dust collector and enhance the service life of the bag.

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