Uniaxial Dust Humidifier

Uniaxial Dust Humidifier
Uniaxial Dust Humidifier
Product Description


We are the noteworthy firm involved in offering the best quality array of Uniaxial Dust Humidifier. This dust humidifier is used in ash storage in thermal power plants, steel mills, iron smelters, chemical plants, and other departments to spray ash for wet mixing and conveying powders. The given dust humidifier is also suitable for humidification, agitation, and transportation of solids-containing materials such as chemicals and mines. Uniaxial Dust Humidifier is composed of four parts example uniform feeding, blade feeding, mixed striking humidification, and vibration system.


Our offered uniaxial dust humidifier is composed of four parts, uniform feeding, blade feeding, mixed striking humidification, and vibration system, and is equipped with special electronic control and water supply systems. The humidifier is fixed at the base and the cylinder is supported by four sets of elastic elements. The vibration is applied to the excitation device during the operation such that the cylinder is subjected to high-frequency vibration; the cylinder wall and the stirring shaft always maintain a certain gap.


The machine greatly reduces the resistance, the use of a boring machine is completely eliminated, the phenomenon of stalling is stopped, shutdown cleaning time is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved. The water supply is controlled by the valve, in order to stabilize the water supply and clean water quality of the system, a filter is set in the pipeline and the main controls the cabinet and performs interlock control on each part of the humidifier to control the water supply and humidity. This humidifier has features such as large processing volume, compact structure, and advanced technology, stable and reliable, and easy maintenance.



It is often applied to various types of ash tanks for spraying, humidifying, stirring and conveying powder to meet the requirements of environmental protection and transport. It is widely used in chemical, mining, power plants, steel mills and other solid particles containing the humidification, mixing, and transportation.



  • Large output (humidified 200t per hour), uniform humidification, and reliable operation
  • Specially-made atomizing nozzles and water supply system with adjustable water volume ensure uniform humidification of materials.
  • Increase vibration system so that it overcomes the problem of cohesive dust handling and easy to form the wall adhesive, improves the adaptability of the humidifier, and expands the application range.
  • The shell and the base are elastically connected so that rapping does not affect the machine.
  • Stir bar is made of iron-based, wear-resistant alloy or composite ceramics and has a long service life.
  • The shell lining is made of iron-based, wear-resistant alloy, which has a long service life and avoids material self-flow caused by excessive clearance after wear.
  • The machine is flexible in layout and has two forms of chain transmission and direct connection.
  • The transmission mechanism adopts a cycloidal speed reducer.
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