Pneumatic Plug Valve

Pneumatic Plug Valve
Pneumatic Plug Valve
Product Description


Pneumatic plug valve is the main control equipment for the flow or delivery of powder, crystal grain, granular materials and small pieces of material. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, food, and chemical industries to control flow changes or cut off quickly. The pneumatic flapper is especially suitable for the transportation and flow regulation of all kinds of solid materials and about 50mm block and lump materials. The installation is not limited by the angle and is easy to operate and can adjust the scale at any time.


Structural features

Simple structure, flexible operation, light weight, no jamming, fast cutting, especially suitable for all kinds of non-viscosity solids, powders and granules less than Φ10mm, the transportation of crystal grain and flow regulation, installation is not limited by the angle. It is easy to operate and can adjust the opening degree at any time. It is the ideal equipment for controlling the change of flow, frequent start-up, and quick cut-off.

Pneumatic single two-way plug-in valve is also known as a manual knife-type gate valve. Knife-shaped gate valve is a kind of valve, in which the gate and the valve seat are always in close contact and sealed. The principle of this valve is that the gate plate is opened with a diameter-sized round mouth through the gate. The opening and closing of the plate makes the circular port on the sluice plate completely separate from and coincide with the path. 



The advantage of this valve is that there is no groove in the bore of the valve body and the medium does not block. Its sealing structure can be divided into soft seal and hard seal structure. The penetrating knife gate valve is characterized by its precise structure, good craftsmanship, and compact structure. The valve seat is a movable structure designed with anti-wear and automatic compensation functions, so it has a longer life. In the closing and opening process, the valve seat and the gate plate are always in close contact with each other, so that the valve opening and closing force is stable and has the characteristics of cutting off the medium.

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