Film Covered Needle Felt Bag

Film Covered Needle Felt Bag
Film Covered Needle Felt Bag
Product Description

Our offered Film-Covered Needle Felt Bag filter is a composite filter material made of expanded PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) (e-PTFE) micro-porous filter membrane on the surface of the original needle-punched felt filter material such as polyester felt, PET, PP, spinning cloth, etc. In addition to the characteristics, it is also resistant to various chemical corrosion, hydrolysis, hydrophobicity and condensation, ultraviolet and high temperature resistance, good dust removal efficiency and other characteristics. It also provides high filtering accuracy.

The coated filter material not only maintains the inherent high chemical stability, low coefficient friction, high and low-temperature resistance, and aging resistance of PTFE, but also resists the micro-particles, and the unmatched permeability of the conventional coated filter material. It is a new type of breathable coated membrane filter.


  • High air permeability, low resistance, good filtration efficiency, large dust holding capacity, and high dust stripping rate
  • Micro-filtration: PET, PP, and other non-woven fabrics can be made into filters used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries. It can not only filter micro-particles but also isolate bacteria and maintain high filtration efficiency and low circulation resistance.
  • Industrial filtration: Polyester felt and PET film can be made into various filter bags, filter cartridges, and filters, widely used in the treatment of fuel gas and dust particles in industrial fields such as cement, metallurgy, food, coating, petrochemical, and plastics.


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