Electric Three Way Valve

Electric Three Way Valve
Electric Three Way Valve
Product Description

Electric three-way valves are used for air conditioning, thermal ventilation, and heat treatment in heat treatment plants, and also for industrial fluid control.


  • The actuator adopts cast aluminum bracket and plastic shell; it is small in size and light weight.
  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor is used, and has a hysteresis clutch mechanism with reliable self protection function.
  • Suitable for a variety of control signals, incremental (floating point), voltage (0 ~ 10V), current (4 ~ 20mA)
  • The transmission gear adopts metal gears, which greatly improves the service life of the drive.
  • Low power consumption, large output force, and low noise.
  • The valve body can be made of cast copper, cast iron, ductile iron, and a variety of materials to choose from, to meet the requirements of different working media and temperature.
  • The valve body has two kinds of screw connection and flange connection and is easy to install.

Electric three-way valve technical parameters:

  • Material: Cast iron
  • Valve: Brass
  • Valve stem: ICr18Ni9
  • Nominal pressure: 1.6Mpa
  • Flow characteristics: linear
  • Maximum temperature: 120°C
  • Leakage (m3/h) 0.03% of KV


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