Anti Static Polyester Needle Felt Bag

Anti Static Polyester Needle Felt Bag
Anti Static Polyester Needle Felt Bag
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Anti Static Polyester Needle Felt Bag


Our offered anti-static polyester needle felt dust bag is an ideal dust filter material, with good ventilation energy, high dust removal efficiency, and a certain degree of acid, alkali and heat resistance, it is currently the most explosion-proof dust collector. The weaving process of this cloth uses a multilateral brushing, which increases fabric thickness and elasticity, so the dust removal effect is good and the dust removal rate can reach up to 99.99%. These bags are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, cement and environmental protection dust removal and other industries.


The production of antistatic filter cloths, besides the process of manufacturing ordinary needled felts, it also requires the conductive fiber yarns in warp yarns of base fabrics for the production of needle felts or using conductive fibers or conductive materials in chemical fibers. It has an excellent anti-static property and is used in industries where dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc may explode in the event of electrostatic discharge. In the field of bag dust collection, if these dusts are needed to be collected with cloth bags, then the filter material used should have anti-static properties. This offered anti-static polyester filter bags have the characteristics of acid, weak alkali, and oxidation resistance, good moisture and heat resistance, and high working temperature.


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